Go All Natural with Juntos

Go All Natural with Juntos

Go All Natural with Juntos

“All natural” seems to be the trend these days. From the food we buy or the gas we put in our car. We like to know where the products we use come from. Why should we treat our sexual pleasure any different?

Going all natural isn’t just a case of jumping on the bandwagon. It can be beneficial to our health, both in and out of the bedroom. Quite often the shorter the ingredient list, the better it is for your body. And when it comes to you and your partner’s sexual well-being, it’s an important thing to consider.

How to choose a natural lubricant

Choosing a natural lubricant can greatly enhance your sex life. When used properly, they can emphasize your experience and help you go that extra mile. They’re also perfect for those with latex or other allergies, since they contain no artificial ingredients that can cause irritation.

Wendy Strgar, better known as the “Loveologist,” writes, “Over the years we have worked with many doctors who were not aware of how the ingredient base of products that they were recommending were negatively impacting their patients…Read the ingredient labels and if the company doesn’t offer up the ingredients, be sure to ask.”

Lube, unlike other products that can be ingested into the body, does not have to be FDA approved, as pointed out by Gabrielle Korn of Refinery29.com. That means synthetic products have a chance of causing negative reactions, so it’s very important to know how the products you use will affect you and your partner. Keep in mind the key points of each kind of lube you decide to use, such as oil’s tendency to deteriorate latex.

Much of the process of finding the perfect lubricant for your routine is trial and error, but once you find one that’s “just right,” you’ll be hooked for life. Be sure to browse our line of all-natural products—your perfect fit may be a click away!