Roller Derby Queen in Tijuana Knocks Down Boundaries

Roller Derby Queen in Tijuana Knocks Down Boundaries

TIJUANA – Dulce Alba known as “Dulce D’smadre,” capable of toppling a big man in an instant. And that’s just for starters.

She’s an uncommon pioneer in this border city jammed with people reinventing themselves every day.

Alba is one of the organizers of women’s roller derby in Baja California. She launched the first women’s league about three-and-a-half years ago in Tijuana, a handful of young women who wanted to combine their love of skating with a competitive sport.

Born in East L.A. but was raised in Tijuana. Her world is bilingual and bi-cultural.   She speaks in Spanish, with a healthy sprinkling of words in English.

On a recent morning she chatted about her life and what motivates her.


Why do you compete in roller derby?

Skating is the best thing that’s happened to me in my life. I dreamed of skating. And now I do it every day.

What’s it like to compete against men?

I’m small. I have to compete with someone who is stronger than me because I need to know how much force I’m going to need to knock him down.

What does your husband think about all of this?

He supports me so much. When I decided that I wanted to make cupcakes, he learned how to make the dough and frosting along with me.

What is the most important quality a life partner should have?

There needs to be a lot of communication. And support is very important.

Why isn’t more attention paid to these aspects of a couple’s life?

All of us need to innovate our life as a couple. The sexual aspect is very important because it helps us in so many ways, like relieving stress.

We barely have time to be with our partner – and to feel wanted, to feel loved. And if we can get rid of a little stress, all the better.

What is your favorite Juntos Product?

Arousal is my favorite.  Makes all the difference.